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Exclusive Guide on B.A. Journalism Degree for the Students

One thing that we can not live without is news. And who brings it to us? Yes, the journalists and reporters. For this, the news and media sector is always in demand. In 2022, the newspaper revenue was INR 243 billion across India.

Journalism Course provides an opportunity for future students. A BA journalism degree might be a solid start to your career in the news industry. Read on to learn more about the course.

The field of Journalism Course is typically divided into two broad categories: Print Media and Electronic Media. After completing a course in Journalism, one can become a Journalist. The course fees typically range from INR 1 lakh to 5 lakh.

Popular undergraduate courses in Journalism include a BA in Journalism, a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication, a BA in Hindi Journalism, and a BA in Film, Television, and New Media Production. At the postgraduate level, popular courses include an MA in Journalism, an MA in Journalism and Mass Communication, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Communication and Journalism. The average salary for Journalism graduates ranges from INR 3 to 6 lakh.

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What is a Journalism Course?

A Journalism courses teaches aspiring journalists the essential techniques for gathering and disseminating information to audiences through various media. Many people enroll in journalism Program to work for media companies, such as those in print or electronic media. The scope of journalism is expanding daily. After completing a journalism course, students can pursue careers in various industries, including television, online portals, newspapers, publishing companies, and educational institutions like schools and colleges.

Journalism Degree Course

BA Journalism Courses Eligibility

The candidates must meet multiple criteria for admission to the BA journalism and mass communication Course program, which include:

The candidate must score 50% or more in 10+2 or equivalent examination.
They must have completed their 10+2 from a recognized board. For Admission in BA Journalism Course.
The candidate must pass the entrance examination if there is a provision for one.
The candidate must be at least 17 years of age. There is no upper age limit for the candidates.

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BA Journalism Subjects

BA Journalism Courses is a three-year undergraduate program that is divided into six semesters. The BA journalism and mass communication syllabus include all the subjects and skills essential for the students. The syllabus offers the students all the knowledge required for real-world scenarios. In the Below table mentioned the BA Journalism Subjects.

First Year BA Journalism Subjects

First SemesterSecond Semester

Mass Communication Models and Theory

Introduction to Radio and Audio Technique

Print JournalismEnvironmental Studies
Graphics and Visual CommunicationMedia Ethics and Laws
Business Communication

Photography Theory and Practice

Second Year BA Journalism Subjects

Third SemesterFourth Semester

Introduction to Television Production

Principles of Marketing-1

Advertising ConceptsOnline Journalism and Digital Media

Introduction to Television Production

PR Concepts

Global Media Scenario

Communication for Sustainable Development

Individual Excellence and Social Dynamic

Writing for Specialism

Third Year BA Journalism Subjects

Fifth SemesterSix Semester

Brand Management

Digital Marketing and Content Development

Event Management Concepts

PR and Campaign Planning

Professional Ethics

Camera Operations

Client Servicing and Creatives

Major Project

Film Making Techniques

Ad. Production and Campaign Planning

The Generally, journalism courses fee for BA journalism and mass communication can vary depending on the university and the facilities they offer. The course fee is much lower for government universities. The annual fee ranges from INR 25,000 to INR 3 lakh.

BA Journalism Subjects

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BA Journalism

Scope of BA Journalism Courses

A degree holder in BA journalism Courses is going to give you multiple career options to choose from. The principal industry is news, magazines and media. The most common job roles include Photojournalist, News Reporter, Screen Writer and Editor. Here we are giving you an idea of the average annual salary for some BA journalism job roles.

  • For News Reporter, the average annual salary is INR 2.1 lakh.
  • For a Photo Journalist, the average annual salary is INR 3 lakh.
  • For Copy Editor, the average annual salary is INR 3 lakh.

Why Study Journalism Course?

  • Career Prospects: A degree in journalism Courses offers an exciting career that allows candidates to travel and interact with a diverse range of people. Journalism courses enable students to work in an industry where they can meet and interview prominent personalities.
  • Respectful Profession: Journalism Courses prepare candidates for careers in the television and media industry associated with fame and respect.
  • Real Experience: Journalism Courses are designed by industry experts who emphasize practical experience through internships, student publications, radio stations, and online media outlets. This hands-on instruction provides students with real-world experience.
  • Employment: Graduates with a degree in Journalism Courses can pursue careers as editors, writers, reporters, news anchors, multimedia journalists, and media researchers in various media organizations.


Who Can Pursue Journalism Courses?

Students can pursue journalism courses after completing class 12. Journalism courses are available at various levels, and students who meet the specific eligibility criteria for each level can gain admission. Some colleges also require entrance exams for admission.

Therefore, aspirants who perform well in these exams can secure admission to Journalism Courses at those colleges. Additionally, students should have strong communication skills, as well as proficient reading and writing abilities, to enter the field of journalism. A good grasp of general knowledge and current affairs is also essential.

Scope Of BAJMC

A journalism and mass communication graduate is eligible for various job roles, including:


With an online BAJMC degree, graduates can work as reporters, correspondents, editors, and news anchors, among other journalism-related positions. Journalists can find opportunities with various media companies, newspapers, periodicals, television stations, and news websites.

In the below mentioned some details of the journalist:

Average Salary4- 5 LPA
Top CompaniesBBC, NDTV, ABC, Times of India
Job Roles
  • Conduct research to uncover interesting and significant news stories.
  • Gather, corroborate, and interpret data.
    Interview key individuals (witnesses, sources, etc.) to obtain more information.
  • Use findings to construct well-written articles.
  • Remain mindful of the readers’ perspective.
  • Obtain first-hand information by being present at events.
  • Receive assignments or investigate news leads and tips.
  • Adhere to the ethical standards of the profession.
  • Maintain notes and audio recordings.

Public Relations Specialist

Graduates can also pursue careers as public relations professionals, responsible for maintaining the reputation of individuals, groups, or businesses. PR specialists create strategies to uphold a positive public image, issue press releases, communicate with the media, and more.

Average Salary6-8 LPA
Top CompaniesTrace presence, Ranking by SEO, Saints Art, Branding Experts 
Job Roles
  • Develop PR plans and strategies.
  • Strengthen the company’s voice and presence across online and offline channels.
  • Handle media relations and requests.
  • Compose press releases, speeches, and other PR content.
  • Organize and oversee events, fairs, conferences, etc.
  • Assist in executing promotional plans.
  • Provide solutions during PR crises.

Advertising Specialist

Another career option is becoming an advertising professional, where you design and execute advertising campaigns for businesses and their products or services. Advertising specialists research target consumers, develop original ideas, and evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Average Salary5-6 LPA
Top Companies

DDB Mudra Communications, Grey Indi, Rediffusion (Y&R), McCann-Erickson India Ltd, Ogilvy & Mather

Job Roles
  • Ensure account management to boost campaign performance and ROI.
  • Oversee NPRP's LinkedIn account by creating content and running advertising campaigns.
  • Develop, launch, and manage dynamic web advertising campaigns, utilizing HTML to format web content.
  • Design and produce catalogs, brochures, technical and training manuals, presentations, business cards, and in-house forms.
  • Create and execute strategic SEM advertising plans and launch campaigns.
  • Analyze ROI to identify trends and opportunities for future campaigns.
  • Use HTML expertise to enhance the corporate website and increase web traffic.

Social Media Specialist

Online BAJMC graduates can also work as social media specialists, developing and overseeing social media campaigns for businesses. In this role, you will create content for social media, analyze social media metrics, and engage with followers.

Average Salary4-6 LPA
Top CompaniesSocial Beats, google operation center, google, Amazon, Group M
Job Roles
  • Develop and implement a social media strategy based on competitive research, platform selection, benchmarking, messaging, and audience identification.
  • Create, edit, publish, and share daily content (original text, images, videos, or HTML) to build meaningful connections and encourage community engagement.
  • Optimize company pages on each platform to enhance the visibility of the company's social content.
  • Moderate all user-generated content according to the community-specific moderation policy.

Content Writer

Graduates can work as content writers, creating written content for websites, blogs, social media platforms, and other digital media outlets. Content writers research topics, write engaging content, and optimize it for search engines.

Average Salary3-5 LPA
Top CompaniesAmazon, TATA consultancy, Zoho
Job Roles
  • Creating templates, articles, and other online content tailored for an HR and recruitment-focused audience.
  • Researching new topics and trends in hiring and employee management.
  • Editing and preparing content for publication on the website.
  • Updating and optimizing existing content for search engines.
  • Collaborating with content writers, SEO specialists, and other team members.

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Are you ready to take the next step in your career ?


If you are looking for a job in the news and media sector, a BA journalism degree can give you a solid head start. The Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication) program by Amity Online offers a world-class learning experience with eminent global faculty with dedicated career support. The course is affordable and flexible and will offer portfolio building with real-world projects with top companies.

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