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7-10 hrs /week

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January 2019

Acadmic Session


Mode Of Learning

3 Years


22 Feb 2019

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A rigorous three-year (6 semesters) program with in-built project work designed to prepare graduates for varied career opportunities in Computer Applications.

The course covers important concepts, practices, and trends in the subject area, including:

  • Various computer nomenclatures related to hardware and software.
  • Basic concepts of memory, processing units,operating system, computer networks, and data communications.
  • Both the physical design (organization) and the logical design (architecture) of the computer.
  • Digital logic, development of integrated circuits, and selected topics in advanced technologies.
  • Use, design, and analysis of data structures in computer programs.
  • Several algorithms related to data structure design.
  • Theory and application of numerical approximation techniques.
  • Important issues of data base management,including database design, physical storage, database recovery, security, and data integrity.

The program provides high-quality academic and technical training covering key concepts in computer science and software design, development, and implementation.

The program offers an in-depth understanding of analysis, synthesis, andpractical problem-solving involved in computer / information systems and applications.

Given its scope, the program will benefit anybody (with a graduation degree) seeking to develop skills, improve competency, and build expertise in the subject.

Program Features:

  • Curriculum designed by industry professionals and subject experts.
  • Curriculum updated at regular intervals, keeping inview latest research and development.
  • Dynamic course material shared electronically with 24X7 online learning facility.
  • Self-paced study with guidance from experienced faculty and guest teachers.
  • Application of learned concepts through hands-on project work.
  • Learn using the online student website.

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