Develop information and expertise across the E & P spectrum
Contribute to planning for field development and operation, and to impact studies of petroleum fields
Be familiar with the global markets for oil and natural gas and their organisation
Formulate and analyse simple economic models of resource depletion and market competition
Learn about the concepts of Petro Retailing
Explain how local, regional and global policies and institutions affect energy markets and prices


Introduction to Petro Economics, Global Trends in Oil Industry, Indian Oil Industry Exploration and Production, New Explorations and Licensing Policy, Case Study
Indian Oil Refining, Deregulation (Oil and Natural Gas, Indian Oil Industry Marketing, Growth and Deregulation of Indian Oil Sector, Case Study
Structure of Oil Industry, Logistics and Transportation of Oil in India, Strategy for Petroleum and Natural Gas Trading, Petro Retailing, Case Study
Indian Experience in Petro Retailing, Economics of Crude, Trade and Transport, Geopolitics in Oil and Natural Gas Trading, Case Study
International Hydrocarbon Economic Environment, Trend and Structure of Oil and Gas Economy, Globalization and Oil Security for Indian Oil Industry, E-commerce Application in Oil and Natural Gas Industry, Case Study


Professional Certificate in Petro Economics
Knowing about the details of the major events and developments in the history of the petroleum industry and understanding concepts like cash flow analysis, organisational challenges, price forecasting, cost drivers and risk management
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