Pan Africa e-Network Project

In today’s era of globalization and collaborative development, where partnering towards mutual goals is imperative, India and Africa are looking at common destinies to benefit the people of both the countries. While the success of such partnership can expand through trade, investment and industry, but it is education that crystallizes such development. Taking this forward, Amity University Online- India’s leading online global education platform where the use of education technology is the key driving force has partnered with Pan Africa e-network Project- an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) project. The vision is to bring internationally benchmarked expertise in areas of education, research and training by setting up world-class education institutions in Africa.

Amity University Online has so far played a significant role in carrying forward the mission of the former President of India, Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who during the inaugural session of the Pan-African Parliament held in Johannesburg in 2004, proposed in his address to connect all the 53 nations of the African Union by a satellite and fibre-optic network, which would provide effective communication for Tele-education, Tele-medicine & Video Conferencing services and also support e-Governance, e-Commerce, infotainment, meteorological services etc.

Objectives of Amity University Online in Pan Africa e-Network Project

01 Digitally connect India with all the 53 countries of the African Union through a dedicated fiber optic & under-sea cable network

02 Provide Tele-education, continuing Medical Education for doctors, video conferencing & e-commerce facilities using a dedicated satellite in the African counterparts & expand internationally through Amity’s existing infrastructure & e-network facilities

Amity’s partnership with Pan Africa
e-network project has brought a substantial impact in the African counterparts
  • 40,000+ students from Africa were digitally delivered with quality education in 40 African Countries in past few years.
  • 60 online programmes have been digitally delivered in 40 African countries including Post Graduate, Post Graduate Diploma, Under Graduate, Certificate, and Diploma. These seamless approaches have brought a peaceful global employability with adequate skill enhancement amongst African students in Africa.
  • Amity has been so far colligated with 38 central universities(University of Malawi, University of Rawanda and University of Ghana, Makerere University to name a few) in Africa that have imparted better education to African students under the PAN African e-Network Project