Clearly understand about information system concept  
Knowledge of various information system used in business environment
Understand the concept of system and its application in management of business
Learn the basic system concept and core activities in the systems development process  
Learn the integration of information system and management  
Enable Learners to analyse information requirements for better managerial decision making


Introduction of MIS: Meaning & Role, organization structures, Business Process, Systems Approach, Management Levels & MIS
Decision Making Process: Programmed & Non- Programmed, Strategic & project Planning for MIS, Models of Decision-Making different types of IS: MIS, DSS, ESS. MIS and the information Concepts
System Concepts, Handling system complexity MIS and system concepts, need for system analysis, SSAD, MIS and System Analysis.
Development of MIS, Ascertaining the Class of information, Management of quality in MIS, MIS: the factors of success and failure.
Enterprise Management System (EMS), EMS and MIS, MIS Service industry, choice of IT and MIS


Professional Certificate in Management Information System
Understanding the need and importance of information systems along with their types, relationship and role in business environments.
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