Adapted from ASU’s flagship workshop
Learning effective online teaching ideas
Connecting with a broader teaching & learning community
Gauging experiences from fellow participants
Facilitating peer sharing of strategies for designing & teaching online courses.
A carefully constructed experience for facilitators.


Effort: 4 to 6 hrs per week
Contribute to a learning community
Demonstrate proficient edX navigation from the student perspective.
Describe key components of online student success.
Apply question design principles to facilitate effective and engaging class discussions.
Explain the value of implementing the Quality Matters Rubric in certification design.
Identify instructional alignment using Bloom's Taxonomy.
Analyze various pedagogical approaches for delivering certification content online.
Describe design and delivery techniques of effective lectures.
Prepare content for optimizing instructor presence in an online certification.
Create a plan for implementing Foundations for Excellence in Teaching Online resources in an online certification.
Technology in education
Technology-enabled learning models
Applying the technology in education
Open educational resources (OER)

CERTIFICATION : Amity Online + edX Partner University: Arizona State University

Professional Certificate in Technology Enabled Online Learning
Learn essential strategies for successful online teaching
Amity Online + edX Partner University: Arizona State University