Navigate the marketing challenges practically with guidance
Bring innovative new products and services to market
Build your skills in understanding and applying the latest marketing strategies and tactics
Explore how to develop an informed marketing plan that aligns with customer needs based on real market research.
Learn the latest strategies for customer discovery, interviews and focus groups, product design, product development, content marketing, social media marketing, and marketing campaign management.
Create a balance between conceptual discussions based on readings of concepts and practices, and applied, hands-on analysis with real projects.


Effort: 12 to 13 hrs per week
Learn the fundamentals of product strategy with attention to product vision, user journey mapping, business modeling, SMART objectives, customer profiling, customers jobs, customer pains, customer gains, competition, and differentiators.
Understand go to market strategies with an exploration of buyer journey, pricing, channel strategy, positioning, branding, and product-market fit.
Develop insights on growth strategies as we explore inbound vs outbound marketing, types of media, pull marketing, push marketing, social media marketing, social media channels and content, budgeting, timing, content calendars, customer activation, landing pages, customer retention, email campaigns, and minimum viable products (MVPs).
Understanding Services and Consumer Behavior
Focus on Customers
Aligning Strategy, Design and Delivery
Delivering Services through Intermediaries, Managing Demand and Capacity.
Pricing Services
Service Sector Study (Group Project)

CERTIFICATION: Amity Online + edX Partner University : University of Maryland System

Professional Certificate in Marketing of Services and Innovative Products
Learn essential marketing concepts and practical commercialization strategies to bring your new venture to market
Amity Online + edX Partner University: University of Maryland System