Know about the fundament concepts of petroleum refining, types of energy resources, fundamentals of crude oil treatment and natural gas processing
Learn the fundamentals and purposes of re-refining processes and properties of main oil products
Assess implications of changing crude oil feedstocks on refinery configuration
Propose strategies to resolve conflicts with degrading crude oil quality and increasingly stringent environmental regulations on petroleum fuels
Understand different terminologies in the field of petroleum refining
Prepare and deliver reports on the professional topics (petroleum refining).


Introduction to Oil Refinery, Growth and Development of Refinery Industry in India, Chemistry of Petroleum, Characteristics of Crude Oil, Case Study
Important Test on Petroleum Products, Bureau of Mines Correlation Index, Properties of Petroleum Products, Crude Distillation, Case Study
Hydrogen Production and Management, Fluidized Catalytic Cracking, Offsite Facilities and its Management, Future Refining Scenario, Case Study
Advances in Petroleum Refining, Hydrocarbon Loss Minimization and Energy Conversation, Gross Refining Margin, Oil Accounting Excise and Custom on Petroleum Products, Case Study
Environment, Health and Safety Guidelines, Fundamentals of ULSF Production, IT Applications in Hydrocarbon Industry, Petroleum Refining: Terminology, Case Study


Professional Certificate in Fundamentals of Refining
Applying the knowledge gained in theoretical basics of petroleum refining processes for professional activity and educational work
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