Look at the four core financial markets and the three main classes of derivatives.
Learn how to distinguish the global trends in volume for each of the plain vanilla financial products
Show the macroeconomic reasons for the trends.
Review how bonds, equity, foreign exchange and money markets are traded
Know about the role that equity plays from both the issuer's and investor's perspective.
Look at the different types of stock markets.


Effort: 11-12 hrs per week
Introduction to Foreign Exchange Markets
Foreign Exchange Rate Determination
Introduction to financial derivatives
Forwards & Futures
Introduction to the major capital markets
Understanding of Money Markets
Introduction to Foreign Exchange (FX)
Time Value of Money

CERTIFICATION : Amity Online + edX Partner University : New York Institute of Finance (NYIF)

Professional Certificate in Forex & Money Markets
Get introduced to the money markets, foreign exchange and time-value of money.
Amity Online + edX Partner University: New York Institute of Finance (NYIF)