Learn concepts related to Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions
Learn concepts related to valuations of goodwill and shares.
Successfully negotiating financial opportunities
Valuing and evaluating ideas to determine the appropriate benefits and costs
Valuing a business and the securities you can use potentially
Analysing business opportunities for their financial viability


Effort: 8-9 hrs per week
Accounting Norms
Accounting for Merger and Acquisitions
Valuation of Goodwill and Shares
Basic Concepts of Income Tax
Assessment of Companies
How to evaluate an idea for a new product or service and determine cost and benefits
How to value a stock, bond, and company for business opportunities

CERTIFICATION: Amity Online + edX Partner University : Babson College

Professional Certificate in Corporate Tax Planning and Financial Analysis
Develop the ability to identify and resource high-value strategic initiatives and ensure a high rate of return for your firm's investments
Amity Online + edX Partner University : Babson College