Program Overview

5-7 hrs /week

Learning Efforts




Mode Of Learning

3 Years


An exhaustive three-year (6 semesters) undergraduate program offering in-depth study of theoretical concepts and functional areas in IT.

From digital electronics, PC packages, computer oriented numerical analysis, database management systems, networking basics, Oracle visual basic,router protocols & concepts, and web designing to Java programming,software engineering, data warehousing & mining, and multimedia technologies – the course covers important concepts, practices, and trends in the subject area.

The course provides high-quality academic and technical training in software, databases, andnetworking with deep focus on the mathematical and theoretical foundations ofcomputing.

Given itsscope, the program will benefit anybody (with 12 / 10+2 yearsof formal schooling) keen to gain deep knowledge in the subjectarea.

Program Features:

  • Curriculum designed by subject experts
  • Curriculum updated at regular intervals keeping inview latest research and development
  • Dynamic course material sharedelectronicallywith 24X7 online learning facility
  • Self-pacedstudy with guidancefrom experienced faculty and guest teachers
  • Learn using the online student website
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