Program Overview

5-7 hrs /week

Learning Efforts




Mode Of Learning

3 Years


An exhaustive three-year (6 semesters) undergraduate program offering in-depth study of a wide range of literary texts, genres, and theories in English Literature.

From history of English literature, English poetry from Chaucer to Blake, modern drama, the English novel, literary criticism, literary theory,and modern English poetry to contemporary literature, popular fiction, American literature, and modern European drama – the course covers a broad spectrum of literary genres,theories, and criticism.

The program includes literary texts ranging from poetry, drama, and novel totheory and criticism across time and geographies.

The course offers high-quality academic training in English Literature by combining deep knowledge of literary texts and critical and theoretical skills needed to analyze the texts.

Given its scope, the program will benefit anybody (with 12 / 10+2 years of formal schooling) keen to gain deep knowledge in the subject area.

Program Features:

  • Curriculum designed by subject expertsand updated at regular intervals.
  • Dynamic course material shared electronically with 24X7 online learning facility.
  • Self-paced study with guidance from experienced faculty and guest teachers.
  • Learn using the online student website.
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