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Amity Online launched Careers of Tomorrow

21 May 2018

“By 2020, 2 million jobs are expected in computer and engineering related Industry”

Gone are the days when people appeared for an interview and get a secure job & they kept it for life. But today in the world of technology, where everything is advancing and the automation, digital platforms, and other innovations are changing the fundamental nature of work; both educational institutions & recruiters are seeking skilled professionals with multi-dimensional skills, flexibility and a vision for the future. 

As per a report, it’s also expected by 2020, 2 million jobs will be created worldwide that fall under computer and mathematical and architecture and engineering related fields. In next few years, numerous job opportunities will be there in IT and Artificial Intelligence Industry that will get high-paying jobs to the workforce.

So, looking at the industry demand for skilled workforce across multiple sectors, Amity University Online has introduced “Careers of Tomorrow” to prepare leaders or industry professionals for tomorrow’s career challenges.

This exclusive initiative aims to enrich the global leader requirements through booming career-ready certificate programs like:

  1. PGD in Business Analytics & Intelligence (PGD-BA&I)-  a flagship program offered in collaboration with Thunderbird & Arizona State University
  2. PGP in BlockChain Technology & Management (PGP-BTM)
  3. PGD in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (PGD-ML&AI)
  4. PGD in Data Science (PGD-DS)

All these technology-enhanced programs are designed by world-class universities and eminent industry experts to make the working professionals’ career immune to technological disruptions.

It’s a great opportunity for graduate students & busy professionals who seek to learn in-demand skills right from Industry Stalwarts and get certified by top global universities for a better & secure tomorrow. These futuristic programs will offer integrated instruction around career themes. Aspirants will be assessed for aptitude and interest in relevant career pathways reflective of job demands over the next 10 years.

Featured with a blended learning experience, Amity COT offers structured programs to elevate one’s learning curve and give each one an ample space to reach their maximum potential and gain a holistic insight. We have industry-leading experts who mentor above and beyond to bridge the gap between learning and practical approach towards a professional setup and implementation.

Our future-ready programs foster innovation with the outstanding expertise of machine learning, programming languages, data science tools, analytical skills in the next generation leaders.

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