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How to Support Your Personal Transition in a New Job?

Oct 13, 2017

Transitions are an intrinsic part of life. Whether we are ready or not, we have to go through various transitions in our lives. From schooling to college life, college to work, getting married and having children, there are a lot of shifts and changes which we go through from time to time. These transitions may seem awkward for the first few days or weeks or months or even longer, if we have not quite settled into what is new. 

In view of the above discussion, the prospect of changing jobs can very well be a challenge or an overwhelming task. When considering a job change, few people may experience feelings of uncertainty, fear, frustration, and anxiety. And there can be others who may accept a job change with eagerness, excitement, and expectation. 

Before you begin your new job, you need to prepare yourself for your new role. Take a break between your jobs, for a few days or a week, to prepare yourself on what lies ahead for you.


Here’s a transition plan to help you out -


1.Write down a transition strategy

While strategizing may seem like a tedious task, the act of planning ahead makes transitions simpler and easier. Complete all your tasks, don’t leave anything out! Hand over your tasks to the person who will be replacing you. At the same time, make sure to complete all the administrative steps, including the exit paperwork. 


2.Archive your work

When people leave their job, they lose access to their work, email, documents, etc. There’s a lot of information on your workstation that you may need during different times in your career. Hence, before you quit your current job, don’t forget to archive and take a backup of all your important documents. 


3.Find time for yourself

Have a gap of a few days or a week if possible between switching your job. Plan a holiday, spend time with family or friends or follow a passion. Give yourself some time to re-energize before starting on a new phase of professional life; it is essential for performance and success.


4.Reflect on all that you’ve learnt

Before you start your first day at office, you need to reflect on all that you’ve learnt from your past job(s), and how can you put your previous experience to use in your new workplace. 


5.Understand the company culture 

Every company has a work culture. Fitting yourself at a new job often has got a lot to do with understanding the overall culture of the company and adapting to it. Understand and openly embrace the culture of your new company by making the office norms, like work timings, dress code, leave grants, etc. your daily habits.


6.Bond with your colleagues

The relationships you have with your colleagues can have a huge effect on your work experience. If you gel with people around you from the start, your transition will be smoother and you’ll even get support from the seniors in your team. 


7.Get interactive

You might be new in the company, but that shouldn’t translate to being silent in meetings during your ‘phase of acclimatization’. Learn about your company, ask questions, and contribute by adding value to the meetings/team discussions. When you are new at a company, you need to ensure you are visible and that your presence is evident; the more people in your company will see and hear about you, the sooner you’ll make a place for yourself in the company.


Transition into a new job can take time, but if you are confident, positive and proactive, you will eventually settle into your new job sooner than you had initially anticipated. 

A new journey awaits - Good Luck!

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