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How India Is Providing Quality Digital Education for International Students

Author:- Dr.Manoranjan P.Ram
Oct 16, 2018

Indian universities have, in the past decade or so, come up with a number of e-learning programs with industry-specific, immersive learning techniques and modern technological methods. These programs not only cater to local but also international students to make their mark globally. In much of the developing world, India is considered the top destination to pursue higher education.

Website data shared by a top online university in India for 2018 showed that prospective students from the Middle East and Africa contributed to the maximum amount of traffic to website by international students, apart from other Asian countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates and Egypt together contributed more than 10% of the total website traffic.

By 2021, India’s online education market is expected to hit 1.96 billion USD from 247 million USD. This shows quite a significant increase in demand for online digital education in the country. Many established universities in India are aiming at going global to provide a high-quality digital education to international students.

Here’s how Indian universities are providing superlative digital education:

1) International Accreditations

Many well-established online Indian universities with a proven track record have received internationally acclaimed EOCCS certified online MBA and BBA programs from European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), which does thorough reviewing of institutes by international review panels before recognizing them. 

2) Unique Programs

Careers of Tomorrow: With the advent of technology and internet, online education is shaping up new ways of learning. India is preparing its students for careers of tomorrow, with well-recognized and certified programs in Business Analytics and Intelligence, Blockchain Technology and Management, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science.

Other Programs: India has one of the widest student base across the globe. It is a breeding ground for various and unique distance learning programs for international students, including certifications and diplomas in foreign languages, Information Technology, Advertising and Brand Management, Retail Management, Marketing and Sales Management, Material management, Human Resource Management, and Hospital Management, among others.

3) Low Fee Structure

Compared to its western counterparts, online education in India is much cheaper and affordable without any compromise on the quality of subject matter. A major reason for this is lower infrastructure cost and a wide student base. The payment methods are also diverse, including credit/debit card payment, demand draft, and cardless EMI with a seamless payment procedure.

4) Student-Friendly Interface and 24/7 Support

The online programs designed in India offer a flexible LMS integration which is made possible through webinars, recorded videos, live and one-to-one virtual sessions, and a round-the-clock academic and technical support. A team of counsellors is always available to tend to every query and direct them in every step of the program.

5) World-Renowned Faculty

India is slowly turning into a hub for international education with industry professionals, proven academicians, researchers and scientists leading the way when imparting ultimate knowledge and hands-on experience to students that may help them sustain, grow and professionally progress in a rapidly digitizing world.

India has steadily grown to become one of the fastest growing Edtech markets in the world. At Amity Online, we are making optimum use of state-of-the-art technologies and trends to make education an all-inclusive learning experience for our international students. This will help them stay up to date in a constantly evolving and dynamic world.

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