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Master These Life Skills to Sustain in Tomorrow’s Corporate World

Author:- Dr. Manoranjan P.Ram
Dec 28, 2018

The ever-increasing job opportunities in the corporate sector have led to an intensive competition in the industry. Employees combat cut-throat challenges to sail through their tenure, and employers are on a constant lookout for those few candidates having the skills to take their business a level above.

Depending on the industry type, you may need some industry-specific skills and knowledge to fit in the criteria of a particular organization. However, there are a few core competencies that you need to become a valuable asset to any organization. These competencies are often called employability skills or transferable skills as you tend to develop them as you progress in your career. However, we are living in extremely competitive times which will only intensify in the near future. Therefore, corporate magnates call for candidates who have mastered these skills and are ready to apply them professionally.

We bring you a list of some core business competencies/skills that will help you sustain in tomorrow’s corporate world.

Business Acumen/Commercial Knowledge

This quality covers your knowledge of the industry as well as the organization you’re serving. Employers look for candidates who have the understanding of the company’s targets, products and services and whether they have the industry specific know-how to achieve those. 


Good communication skills are an essential quality that employers look for in a candidate, for they are the foundation on which you build and maintain your stance in the corporate world. Effective communication skills entail sound written, verbal, listening as well as body language skills. Your ability to be clear and concise with your opinions and views speaks volumes about your personality and aids you in making useful connections in the industry.


Your ability to work cooperatively in a team as well as leading it from the forefront can prove to be an extremely valuable asset in the long run. You need to be flexible enough to work with others and must build the ability to delegate work as well. This skill attracts employers and can help you gain a good following in the corporate sector.

Negotiation and Persuasion

Your ability to set targets for yourself and convey them to people is essential to sustain in the corporate sector. However, you must also understand and empathize with the other person’s view and be able to chalk out a plan that is best suited for both parties. These kind of negotiation and persuasion skills can take you far and land you with some of the most revered companies out there.

Problem Solving

In order to survive the corporate life, you must be a skilled problem solver. Crisis in the workplace does not require an emotional intervention; rather you must be able to handle the situation with a logical approach and the right analysis.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills enable you to align and delegate tasks to fellow teammates and be able to handle a critical situation in a composed manner. Good leadership skills make a motivator and help you and your team achieve targets smoothly.

Organization of Work

Once stepping in the corporate world, goals come your way without a stop. This is where your ability to organize work comes to rescue. You must show your employers that you can prioritize your tasks and work productively. This also includes efficient time management skills, and developing these can make huge difference in your tenure as an executive in the corporate.

Perseverance and Motivation

Working in a corporate environment can present you with a number of challenging situations. Being calm, stress-free and motivated can help you greatly in achieving your goals. Employers consistently seek candidates have a positive approach towards life and have a calm demeanor. 


We understand that when jobs become monotonous, having to go through the same levels of tasks everyday can ultimately lead to decline in productivity. It’s times like these when you wish to take a break from everything. But if you have a creative and innovative idea where you can do the same work differently, which can also “benefit” the organization, discussing it with your manager can certainly win you brownie points as a proactive team member. Remember, however, that it must be in line with the company’s objectives. There should be a constant introspection on your part as a contributor by understanding the current workflow process and being able to identify the weaknesses in it.

The current times are tricky: although there is no dearth of job opportunities owing to expansion of sectors and prospective professionals with multiple degrees backing their resumes, it is challenging for employers to spot the “right” employee among a pool of pretentions. To stay ahead of the curve, these qualities must be imbibed over time to groom yourself for tomorrow’s multicultural, dynamic workspace.

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