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8 Habits of Highly Successful People at Workplace

Author:- Arun Bisaria
Nov 02, 2018

Finding a job is hard enough but maintaining and excelling in it can be even more difficult. Developing good work habits is the key to success in any employment setting.

We share with you a list of eight habits you must follow as a dependable mantra for success and prosperity in a global corporate workplace.

Positive Mindedness

Long commutes, multiple projects, demanding deadlines, customer issues and escalations can cause stress in an office. However, successful employees stay focused and positive in such critical situations. They try to deal with problems head-on instead of shirking them, and do not let negative thoughts take control of their actions.

Highly Professional Attitude

Successful employees always maintain a high level of professionalism by following the code of ethics properly and religiously. Following the office dress code and taking breaks only when required are a few things they do to ensure discipline. They also make it a point to answer telephone messages and emails promptly, and do not let their emotions drive their actions at workplace.

Avoiding Gossip

Successful people stay away from gossips and office politics. They stay neutral and not talk behind other colleagues' backs. This is highly essential in gaining trust from peers and supervisors alike. Engaging in gossip simply wastes considerable amount of time, brings down morale and distracts them from work. They understand that there is no positive outcome to gossip.


Being punctual at work is a habit common to all successful people. Showing up on time reflects your dedication as a professional. It also shows that you are respectful of other people’s time. Punctuality is not only about arriving at work on time but also about attending meetings and completing projects as per schedule. In case you are late for a conference or are going to miss a deadline, it is highly essential you inform the concerned person well in advance.

Anticipating and Being Proactive

The most successful employees are the ones who are proactive. They are actively engaged in their day-to-day work and are not passively observing. They anticipate problems and events. When challenges approach, they take control and confront them before they grow into overwhelming problems. Procrastination is not an option for them. They take timely action in everything they do.

Speaking Up at Meetings

Highly successful people speak up and clarify their doubts in meetings. They leave their hesitation behind and share ideas with others. In the process, they themselves grow and lay the path to constant self-development.

Listening and Empathizing

People who are successful at work are active listeners. They are actually concerned about what the other person has to share, be it a subordinate or a supervisor. This is a great way to absorb new knowledge as well as to make the other person feel valued and respected. This goes a long way in eradicating an environment of negativity and dissatisfaction among employees as well as clients.

Taking Break From Work

Successful employees understand the importance of taking a break even when they are chasing a deadline. Small distractions can have an incredibly refreshing effect on the body and mind. Sharing a coffee with spouse, browsing through an interesting article, spending time with children or even watching a favourite show is essential in rejuvenating you for the next day, and keeping you energized through your work day. Many studies have revealed that having a healthy social life and hobbies makes you more productive.

These eight simple work habits should be seamlessly intervened in your daily activities and routine. This way they would become a part of your lifestyle and help you stand out above the rest.


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