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How EdTech has Emerged Exponentially in the Middle East

Author:- Nishant K.Rai
Jan 11, 2019

Technology has been at the forefront of innovation in the Middle East for the last two decades. It is fast evolving as the fastest growing hub for high performance, technology-driven teaching. Reiterating this, a report shared by a valid source stated that funding for EdTech rose by 64% in 2015 to a staggering USD 3.1 billion in 2018, driven by the demand from universities to become increasingly digitally focused. Another report states that demand for technology skills will continue to grow further by 20% by 2025, creating 2 million jobs over the next 5 years.

Advancements in the education sector, especially in Dubai, have grown exponentially in recent times, resulting in universities attracting thousands of international students every year. From keeping students abreast with latest technologies to improving their employability, there is no doubt that EdTech is helping students to learn beyond the teachings of a traditional classroom.

Let us find out the ways in which EdTech is improving the quality of education in the Middle East.

Supports Immersive Learning

Gong beyond the traditional learning styles, EdTech helps deliver interactive and multimedia coursework to students across devices while providing an ideal platform for innovation. Students have limitless resources virtually and a plethora of ways to consume them. Considered a key to sustainable leadership and innovative practices in an evolving world, EdTech today is perceived as a catalyst for accelerated ecological and socioeconomic growth and development in the age of what is today considered as the fourth industrial revolution.

Understanding this, the UAE Ministry of Education is keen to introduce and support EdTech initiatives to develop the educational process and promote immersive learning while improving the quality of instruction and learning.

Physical Presence No More an Imperative

For a large section of students who are unable to physically attend a traditional classroom, digital learning has also opened up a new way of learning and consuming content. Cutting-edge LMS platforms and video conferencing technologies allow someone at home to be equally as interactive during a lesson as someone who is present in the classroom. The personalization of content makes a big difference by allowing each student to progress at their level, while distributing it at a reasonable cost.

The learner experiences are tailored, one-on-one instructions that are otherwise not possible in a traditional environment. A shift from a curriculum-centred to a learner-centered environment makes e-Learning or digital learning a winning proposition anywhere in the world.

The typical benefits of EdTech or online learning apply to the Middle East as much as their western counterparts, but flexibility with regard to study time, geographically remote access, and a global community of students may be seen as especially important for students in the Middle East. With the increasing need for professionals to attain in-demand skills, many are now enrolling in globally recognized online programs that enable them to study at their own pace and at their most convenient time. This not only allows them to grow professionally and advance their career but also makes them more competitive.

Transforming Education

Digital simulations are helping students not only better understand various concepts but also get familiarized with the wonders of the modern world. With the advent of technology, educators today are able to prepare their lessons in a more strategic manner by including different activity models and interactive assignments for students.

Considering the fact that 60% of the population in the Middle East is under 25, it has never been more crucial to ensure that technology becomes beneficial to the youth to become tomorrow's leaders. An education survey of nearly 650 teachers in the Middle East concluded that students who lack digital literacy skills will be limited in terms of career options in the future.

Helping this are the UAE government's efforts to provide the right infrastructure and support for educational institutions to thrive digitally.

Learning at Own Pace

Education has never been a one-size-fits-all product. Digital learning allows students to access the resources they need long after the class has moved on to new topics and concepts, helping them to continue to practice and progress at their own pace.

Digital learning has become a very important part of the Middle Eastern education system today and is forecasted to experience continuous growth thanks to the rising government investments and the increasing popularity of e-Learning especially among professionals. Increasingly known for a more progressive mindset than its western counterparts, the UAE is boosting investment in EdTech.

To make education cheaper yet convenient and flexible for students across the Middle East, many top-rated universities in India are already offering flexible payment options to help dedicated working professionals fulfil their academic ambitions.

Amity Online, being at the forefront of digital education in India, boasts of an LMS-based platform, entailing webinars, live sessions, recorded videos as well as one-to-one virtual sessions to ensure students do not miss out on anything relevant to their program curriculum. With flexible payment options such as cardless EMI for semester-wise payment in place, the students can also test the worthiness of the programs they have opted for, and can choose to continue with their instalments only if they find the program worthy.

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