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ABCD Conference

Careers of Tomorrow
Jun 04, 2019

‘Careers of Tomorrow’ under ‘Amity University Online’ has completed a year of sterling success. The past year has been one of traversing milestones leading to the triumph the company has achieved today. The success not only lies in the numbers but also in the students who will be completing their degrees and will carry insignia of Amity University Online with them.















Commemorating this success, ‘Careers of Tomorrow’ organized a Conference on 10th May 2019 at Taj, Bengaluru. The ABCD conference reflects the vision of Chairman, Mr. Ajit Chauhan, Amity University Online to teach ABCD of Emerging technology, namely A for Analytics, B for Blockchain, C for Cyber Security & D for Data Science, to the entire workforce of the nation.

The event was chaired by Mr. Ajit Chauhan, Chairman, Amity University Online and moderated by Mr. Siddharth Maheshwari, Director, Careers of Tomorrow. All faculties across all Careers of Tomorrow online courses were invited as guest members.

Following is the list of members who attended the program.


Faculty Name

Linkedin profile

Blockchain Tech. & Management

Seetharaman Gr

Blockchain Tech. & Management

Koshik Raj

Blockchain Tech. & Management

Jaswanth Reddy

Blockchain Tech. & Management

Srinivas Mahankali

Blockchain Tech. & Management

Satish Salivati

Blockchain Tech. & Management

Somnath Mishra

Business Analytics

Dr. Karthic Narayanan

Business Analytics

Dr. Suresh Varadarajan

Cyber Security

Gokul Alex

Data Science

Anish Roychowdhury

Digital Marketing

Sachin Jain

Digital Marketing

Vikrant Bhargava

Digital Marketing

Diptarup Chakraborti

Machine Learning

Naveen Bhansali

Machine Learning

Mohit Goel

Engaging conversations followed the welcome speech and introductions. The key takeaways of the event were as follows.

Collaborative learning

Students these days are exposed and habituated to a cohort environment and they study a conservative genre of topics in a closed environment. Considering that all emerging technologies are interdisciplinary, introducing collaborative learning will drop the walls and the student can have a holistic learning experience. Collaborative learning occurs through active engagement among peers, to solve a problem, complete a task, etc. This will develop teamwork among students, promote critical thinking and foster individual accountability.

Personalized Learning Graphs

Each individual student is different and comes with different background knowledge, skills, experience, and learning abilities.  Based on each of these students, there is a need to design a learning graph for each individual. This will give students a better experience and an opportunity to grow according to their proficiency and past experiences.

Flexibility of Learning

Introducing short-term courses or smaller modules will give students the flexibility to make a choice. They will get an opportunity to validate their competency and caliber before making a choice for the in-depth courses.

Focus on Skills

Degrees are important and have a lot of value. However, industry demand is also high in skills. Therefore, introducing skill-based courses that will cater to specific skill-building amongst the students will make the students more industry-ready.

Blended Learning Experience

Launching blended learning with a good mix of e-learning and traditional classroom learning with more meet-ups of the students and the faculty will ensure that the student is more involved, motivated and is growing comprehensively.

Design Thinking

Along with the skills and knowledge, the industry also expects an individual to be innovative and competent with good problem-solving abilities. To instill these qualities, a student needs to be exposed to the Design Thinking Model. Design Thinking involves five steps namely; Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test which extract teach, learn and help the students apply techniques and concepts in product-design and troubleshooting.

Regional Languages

India is a multi-lingual country, even though the formal language of technical education is English, many students would want to learn technical concepts in their mother-tongue, with which they are comfortable. Introduction of regional language options for technical courses, example, Blockchain in multi-lingual options like Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, etc. will give the students a choice of learning with a language of their choice. This will ensure that Amity courses reach not just metro cities, but almost pan-India.

Training Programs for Trainers

To deliver top-notch quality to the students, the trainers have to be dynamic and updated. Special programs to train trainers will ensure that they hone their skills and facilitate better delivery and updated knowledge to the students.

Finishing school for polishing soft-skills

Even though students are highly equipped with technical knowledge or skills, not all of them are good at presenting knowledge. Introduction of special finishing school/courses to hone their presentation skills, enhance effective communication, and improve Basic English is necessary so that the students are able to better deliver their knowledge in the industry.

24x7 doubt-solving accesses

If a student is studying late in the night and come across a difficulty that they’re stuck on, it might demotivate them and they may leave the course halfway. To ensure that a student is motivated throughout the journey, 24x7 access to doubt solving system/counseling will ensure that the learner has a better experience, to keep thoroughly involved till the end of the course.

Subject matter experts

To solve technical doubts and other technical requirements, a team of subject matter experts to tackle issues like doubt-solving, etc will better equip the students to better prepare for the course.

Industrial collaboration















Introducing more industrial collaborations will take the student’s exposure to industrial insights a notch higher. These collaborations will include live-projects with the industry giving the student first-hand experience in innovation, design, and problem-solving perspective required for application of the knowledge gained in their respective courses. Such collaborations will increase the learning-graph outcomes of the students.

All-inclusive Slack group

An entire slack group dedicated to all ABCD Faculty across all subjects in one channel will facilitate further discussions and exchange of ideas.

The bottom-line of the engaging discussions and the takeaways was to reach one goal, that is, to make

“Amity University Online the Harvard of emerging tech across the globe!”

ABCD Conference

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