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How to Manage Your Financials When Planning an Online Program

Author:- Dr. Manoranjan P.Ram
Oct 26, 2018

With so many new online programs that are introduced every year, the need for managing your financials to pursue them has multiplied manifold. However, with many flexible payment options available to assist working professionals to enroll in the programs, many of them are joining the pool of online learners. 

The top-rated universities in India are already offering flexible payment options to help the dedicated professionals in fulfilling their academic dreams. Universities with technologically equipped infrastructure such as Amity Online can afford to offer all popular payment options. Another benefit that flexible payment options bring is that the students can pay in instalments to gauge the worthiness of the program. The students have the liberty of testing the programs they have opted for, and they can choose to continue with their instalments only if they find the program worthy. Moreover, these payment options bring in a lot of ease and comfort to students who find it difficult to make lumpsum payments at once. 

Let us look at the various payment plans that you can avail while planning an online program.

Cardless EMI: It is a recent payment feature in many universities that offers great convenience to online students. You can avail a regular EMI payment and can link it to your e-wallets, netbanking or debit card. For fixed monthly instalments, your account will be automatically debited each month till when the payment cycle is complete.

Demand Draft: Most banks have this advanced feature of offering online demand drafts which can be used to pay your educational fee. They can easily be generated online for any desired amount. 

Netbanking: This is yet another popular option of transferring funds using NEFT transfer which is availed by many students to pay for their educational programs. In this payment method, the funds are credited to the University’s bank account within three hours of the transfer made. However, there could be delays in the transfer if there are any holidays in between.  

RTGS: RTGS, short for Real Time Gross Settlement of funds, is an online payment system where the funds can be transferred instantly. It is usually used for gross settlements of payments. The real-time fund transfer can happen instantly between 9 AM to 3 PM on all weekdays and between 9 AM to 12 PM on working Saturdays. This is indeed the most advanced and secured form of funds transfer where the funds are transferred instantaneously. 

Company-Sponsored Online Programs: Do you know that 37% of online subscribers get their educational programs company sponsored? More and more companies are now coming forward in this regard to upgrade their employees' skills.

In many cases, you can even recommend your boss any particular program that you wish to pursue. For this, you may have to draft an email in a given template (if available), explaining the professional development opportunities that these programs bring to you and to the organization. 

So now you can just sit back and relax as making payments for online programs is no longer a hassle; it has, in fact, become a user-friendly exercise that you can pick from based on your shrewd discretion. So just get going with the future-focused programs of your choice to add the much-needed value to your resume.

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