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5 Certificate Programs to Up Your Game in the Corporate World

Author:- Dr. Manoranjan P.Ram
Oct 18, 2018

The world of corporate is brimming with opportunities, and with opportunities comes competition on a massive scale. Professionals today are continuously working towards attaining an international edge over others and succeeding at it. However, earning an academic degree is just not enough in the highly competitive times today, since every two in three persons are pursuing programs that are meant to upgrade skills. This does not mean that your academic degree holds no value; it simply means that upskilling makes your academic foundations strong.

In order to up your game in the corporate world, you need to build practical and useful skills. Top-notch B-Schools all over the globe offer a number of certificate programs that help students in acquiring extra skills and knowledge. We bring you a list of well-known certificate programs that will build you into a truly able professional and take you a step ahead in the corporate world.

Certificate in Services Marketing

Building successful and meaningful relationships is the key to attaining trust with global clients. Only a few firms are able to deliver a satisfying service to their customers. This program will help the students understand the dynamics of the service business and gain a competitive edge over their peers.  

Certificate in Advertising and Marketing

Crafted for students of marketing, advertising and management, this program will make the learners industry-ready. It provides a comprehensive framework that helps in understanding theoretical concepts and functional areas of the advertising industry.

Certificate in Goods and Service Tax

The arrival of Goods and Service Tax (GST) has affected businesses deeply. One needs to have a thorough understanding and knowledge of GST in order to formulate accurate business marketing and sales strategies. This program will help students understand its concepts and various implications.

Certificate Program for Sustainable Energy Management

Sustainable energy and its development is one of the most rapidly emerging industries in the world. The future of this industry is promising. Its scope is huge and one can be rest assured it will create job opportunities on a huge scale in the next few years. Earning a certified education in this field at its early stage will play a crucial role in guaranteeing you a thriving career.

Certificate in General English

We live in a world that communicates majorly in the universal language — English. Having a good command over it can increase your chances of making an impactful impression and also gives you the confidence to manage and communicate effectively. A Certification in General English will prepare you to take on the communication challenges faced by a number of firms and help you become an excellent and confident executive.

These short-term certificate programs are one of their kind and will build skills that will help you in combating the challenges in corporate world with an evolved skill set and, most importantly, confidence. Amity Online, being the forerunner of academic quality and comprehensive education, offers these programs with extensive curriculums and guarantees your transformation into a truly skilled, knowledgeable and confident professional who shines and makes a lasting impression in a dynamic corporate setup.

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