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The Scope of Working Abroad After Pursuing Online MBA

Author:- Dr. Manoranjan P.Ram
Nov 27, 2018

Many young professionals who choose online MBA programs wish to work abroad. They want to expand their horizons by working in a culture different than their own. However, there is always a dilemma over the opportunities one might have after completing an online program. What does it take to land a job in your favourite destination abroad? We explain you below.

Your B-School Matters

Look for business schools that have consistent records of international placements. Generally speaking, the top tier schools are the ones that provide this opportunity. Consider IIMs, XLRI, Amity etc. But remember, they are the ones with the maximum competition for those few international assignments. You can always go for distance learning programs by top universities such as the online MBA program by Amity Online, known for its quality education and international placements.

Research Market Trends

At different times, different countries or markets exhibit a greater or lesser tendency to hire talent from overseas. These trends change over time and directly influence your quest. Similarly, industries reflect these changes as well. If you align your goals with market trends, it will naturally increase your chances of landing a job outside your country.

Hone Your Interpersonal Skills

Working on your interpersonal skills is a good way of approaching employers looking for soft skills in an employee such as social perceptiveness, active listening and excellent written or verbal communication. These skills are also critical for networking as they are the key ingredients for success in an increasingly connected world.

Get in a Job With International Liaisons

Interested to work in a business hub like London, Shanghai or Singapore? It might be easier to try to get transferred there through your job. If working abroad is a dream you’ve always had, research on and identify companies with a substantial number of international movements. Companies like Deloitte, Edelman and IBM all have exchange programs that send employees to their international offices. Such an opportunity to move abroad usually takes a few years to work up to, so be prepared to be patient. 

More Than Your Degree

  • Unique fit: It takes more than just your online MBA degree to be successful in a cultural environment that is not your own. As MBA jobs continue to expand across industries, the market prefers those who can find jobs that fit them best. By searching for jobs based on your unique fit with a company, you will be setting yourself apart from other MBA graduates.
  • Personality Development: Recruiters want the right combination of soft skills and personality when they search for new hires, yet many MBA graduates struggle to convey authenticity, humility, or self-awareness during the interview process. Instead of just looking at high grade point averages, companies now look for the candidates that fit best with their culture.
  • Networking: An online MBA degree expands both your business knowledge and your network. Strong contacts in desirable industries can give you advantages over other graduates. They can provide personal recommendations, insider tips on job openings, and insight on how to stand out as an applicant. Therefore, instead of just sending out resumes, start connecting with people too.

As discussed above, there are many ways to achieve your dream of landing a job abroad after a distance learning MBA. With the right blend of skills, experience, and contacts, you can easily set yourself apart from other graduates. With a little planning and foresight, you can make the most of any opportunity you receive in your international career.

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