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5 common career mistakes and what you can learn from them

Oct 13, 2017

The work-sphere of the modern day is bustling with jobs in a variety of domains, and every day, a lot of people make their starts in them. However, the two things that are common in all these jobs is that each of them involves hardships of their own, and the fact that it takes effort, dedication and career planning to excel in a career. 

The road to success is a bumpy one, and in traversing that, each and every one of us is prone to mistakes. You can either let your mistakes get to you, or you can derive valuable lessons from them; it all lies in the perspective you choose to have.  

But, there are certain mistakes that can turn out to be unforgiving and have a detrimental effect on your career. Here are the 5 most common ones out of them: – 

1.Giving up on networking after securing a job

What people fail to see is that securing a job is not “the” goal. It is one of the many targets but not the endgame. Hence, not networking or giving up on building contacts can be a big disadvantage to your career. Knowing the right people and keeping in touch with them can boost your career in many ways, right from job searches to helping you gain more knowledge about your field.  As per a LinkedIn report, about 70% of people in 2016 were hired in a company where they had a contact. 

2.Not brushing up your skills or avoiding lateral move opportunities

Anyone who is trying to build a career would want to rise high. However, not many recognize what it takes to reach there. Learning new skills or frequently honing the old ones keeps you well-equipped to take up higher positions when the opportunities arrive. 

3.Running after status or money

There are many blocks in between people and successful careers, and diversion is one of them. Some people value money or status more in their careers and want to achieve one or both of these real quick. While money is of importance in the modern world, job-hopping for the sake of money or status can prove to be a disadvantage in the long run. When chasing money or status, you never get to gain the real skills and may even end up in a job that you may not be passionate about. 

4.Burning bridges 

Burning the bridge simply means leaving people/workplaces on bad terms. And having bad blood is never good for any relation, especially if it is work. A disastrous exit not only keeps you etched in the mind of your previous employer, it may keep haunting you as well. Although at times, it becomes absolutely necessary for people to burn bridges, one must try against it when continuing in the same line of work.

5.Lying on your resume

A cardinal mistake in every sense of the word, lying on your resume, in all likeliness, is a suspension or termination waiting to unfold. Getting caught with a clear lie on your resume will not only hamper your reputation at your present job but also risk credibility for any future work prospect. If you feel you are under-qualified for a job, gain the requisite qualification instead of resorting to this; you only stand to gain from the effort you’ll put in. 

While it is not unusual to make mistakes in one’s career, being able to recognize the grave ones and steering clear of them can be the difference between ‘making or breaking your career’. Our advice - take heed. 

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