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How a Healthcare Management Program May Land You In-Demand Job Opportunities

Author:- Arun Bisaria
Dec 14, 2018

The past two decades have witnessed a massive modification and growth in a number of industries. They have expanded to become empires catering to a number of services.One among these industries is Healthcare. The effect of globalization combined with healthcare awareness has led to the expansion of this sector. Small clinics are turning into hospitals, hospitals into specialty hospitals, and specialty hospitals into super-specialty hospitals.

The humungous growth in the healthcare industry in India can be attributed to both public and private players increasing their expenditure.The previous year’s report stated the market size of the Indian healthcare industry being worth almost $100 billion. With an ever-growing population, it is expected to reach approximately three times the figure by 2020, thanks to competitive costs, well-trained professionals, and quality diagnostic services.

Other major reasons for this exponential growth include the general populace’s rising health awareness, rising income levels, and a surge in new diseases occurring because of people’s existing, mostly sedentary lifestyles.

A growth of this magnitude will result in the development of multiple sub-divisions which call for better management. This shift has led to the diversification of services in Healthcare organizations into medical and administration and thus, opened up a number of opportunities in the field of Healthcare Management. Here’s a list of some of the most sought-after jobs that you can land after pursuing a Post Graduate Program in Healthcare Management.

Clinical Director

The responsibilities of a Clinical Director no not merely end at managing and overseeing the medical departments. Beyond these tasks, they are actively involved in formulating and implementing diversification strategies, making important top management decisions, scheduling operations, hiring people for all the important roles and supervising end-to-end activities. They must also come up with yearly plans and ensure they are systematically carried out by every member involved in the day-to-day tasks. Besides, they provide regular training to staff and interns on new policies of working. An important responsibility of Clinical Directors involves closely working with the Finance Department and developing an effective budgetary plan for the year. They should possess a great presence of mind and resolve problems arising at work, and be able to resolve disputes and conflicts between team members by using critical thinking skills.

Health & Social Services Manager

The responsibility of a Health Services Manager is overseeing and ensuring effective patient care. They see to it that there is no dearth of quality service and effective medicine being provided to both critically ill and regular patients. They need to ensure that the administration is taking utmost precautions in their regular activities, for a healthy and hygienic environment is the basic need in medical sector, be it a clinic or a hospital. Proper coordination between departments for planning facilities forms an essential part of their job profile. There is also high demand of their expertise in insurance firms and pharmaceutical organizations. They may also be expected to recruit and manage employees, manage billing, take care of insurance filings, and serve as coordinators between the medical staff (doctors, nurses, ward boys) and the back office administrative team.

Medical Records Manager

Securing and maintaining important documents and electronic medical records is a rather responsible and challenging task, but this is what Medical Records Managers are specially trained to carry out. They also ensure that information contained in the record is complete, accurate and only available to authorized personnel. Their other responsibilities involve managing the work of medical record or health information technicians, file clerks, cancer registrar codes, and medical secretaries. They are also meant to secure and assemble data for medical research, besides calculating hospital occupancy rates.

Hospital Administrator

The role of a hospital administrator is very crucial for the functioning of the enterprise, for they coordinate all the activities of departments in clinics, healthcare agencies, and public or private sector hospitals. The responsibilities are all clerical, technical and managerial but these personnel must possess a wide set of diverse skills. As part of their typical duties, these professionals may act as liaisons among governing boards, medical staff and department heads. They organize, direct, control and coordinate medical and health services in relation to policies set by a governing board of trustees. Other responsibilities include planning budgets and setting rates for health services and developing procedures for quality assurance, patient services, medical treatments, department activities and public relations outreach.

Blood Bank Administrator

A blood bank technician or an administrator is involved in closely working with patients in a number of settings. To enter this fascinating and noble work profile, you must have acquired necessarty professional credentials, which you can earn by pursuing an MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management (MBAHHM). Before coordinating the process of blood transfusion, they collect, screen and label blood to be used, working closely under the guidance of a lab manager or a technologist with substantial work experience.

Pharmaceutical Project Manager

The greater responsibilities of a Pharmaceutical Project Manager involve being actively involved in the entire process of managing new healthcare equipment and treatments. These professionals work closely with doctors and trained medical staff to build and introduce pharmaceuticals that are effective as well as safe. Besides, they are constantly involved in research and development to come up with newer medicines for the betterment of the sector. Ensuring compliance with statutory bodies and developing status reports daily are parts of their schedule, besides having to maintain track records of project plans and managing deadlines.

HR Recruiter/Manager

The role of an HR manager or professional in a healthcare setup is crucial to the effective running of the enterprise, as it entails duties that ensure effective performance management and utmost safety at the same time. These professionals work in tandem with the other important people, including Clinical Directors, Doctors and Healthcare Administrators. Besides their obvious responsibilities of recruiting the right staff and overseeing their everyday responsibilities, they cater to both the professional and personal needs of both employees and employers. In some cases, they may have to manage the operational workflow as well.

Attending an online MBA program in Hospital and Healthcare Management can definitely land you great opportunities as this sector is at its all-time hike. The surge in medical tourism has further opened doors for opportunities beyond national borders. A number of top universities offer Management and Diploma programs in Healthcare management, the most popular among them being Amity University Online due to its flexible work–study schedule, where you do not need to leave your job to pursue the higher education. Besides, you also get to benefit with an internship program at any Apollo Hospitals & Columbia Asia Hospitals PAN India.

Pursuing your studies while getting hands-on working experience is an important add-on in your CV and promises a rewarding career in the booming industry of Medical and Healthcare.

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