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Get Job Ready in 6 Months with Amity Digital Marketing Certificate Program

Jun 27, 2018

Look around yourself, it’s a world of digital media. Everything starts with an idea but proceeds with how to market it on digital media. Many people have flourished with just digital marketing and many more are trying to reach success with digital media.


Nearly 3 billion people use some or the other social media platform. With so many people present online, social media is an essential factor. When people are more digital media savvy, they search for products and services online. The opposite is also true, people may not see your other ways of marketing, but if they see your Facebook ad or come across your brand on Instagram, many will pause to have a look. 


Let’s understand this with an example - if you were to hear about a brand tomorrow, what would you do next? The first thing any person would think of is, let me check their Facebook page, their website, or maybe Instagram page. When we are so reliant on digital media, then how can digital marketing not be the requirement of today?

Here are the reasons why you need to do a certification in digital marketing from Amity:

  1. It Is An In-Demand Career

Digital marketing is right now the in-demand career. While many startups are coming to life, they are also looking for talented digital marketing professionals. More than this, other big giants are also looking forward to developing an in-house digital marketing team, which again increases the demand and opens up many job opportunities.

Even Government started an initiative called as BharatNet to offer internet access to gram panchayat. As the government will loop in rural areas, the need for digital marketing that targets specific people will increase, which will further increase the demand.

  1. Get Involved In Making of Something Big

Many small organizations or startups kick-start their businesses with digital marketing. Most of these businesses obviously don’t have huge budgets to go for traditional marketing, print media, or T.V. ads directly. So, they try to market their brand via digital media. If you are involved in the making of any of these startups, you’ll be a part of the success they’ll achieve. Your strategies will form the building blocks their zenith, which is in itself a great career achievement.

  1. Open Doors To Unlimited Future Success

We have all heard about the recent #Padman campaign. Almost every known celebrity completed the challenge. Now, if you’ll ask business owners, most might be aware of the team behind the campaign. If not that, when you’ll tell somebody that you were a part of a successful digital campaign, you can automatically open doors to many future successes.

Apart from this, a report shows that by 2021, 59% Indian population will start accessing internet. With more users, the Indian marketing arena will expand and so will the success opportunities.

  1. Grab An Array Of Opportunities

There are ample job and work opportunities in this field. For instance, if you like food, then you can join a company that handles digital marketing of cafes and restaurants. If you want to go to any other field, you can enter that field.

With this, marketing is not a monotonous job. It keeps evolving, and with it, professionals are expected to grow and grab new opportunities. If you have your Amity Digital Marketing Certification, you’ll be ready to pick up these opportunities.

  1. Build A Brand Name With Low Budget

While a traditional marketer would need a high budget to get some leads, a digital marketer can reach to a wider audience with a low budget. Initially, if digital marketers move strategically and plan accordingly, they can achieve targets with less spends. Hence, this will rule cost management and budget management out of your list. Additionally, you won’t be severely burdened by the losses of your strategies.

  1. Enhance And Promote Your Career 

If you look at a typical digital marketing team, then you’ll come across some skilled graphic designers and creative content writers. There are numerous other writers and graphic designers currently not working in digital marketing. They may want to do something extra but are pulled back because they don’t have the skill for it. With Amity’s Digital Marketing course, you can acquire these skills and further open new windows for your career.

Let Digital Marketing Be Your Step to Success

Digital marketing is practically a necessity today. Every person should know the basics and tricks to work their way around digital media. The best possible way of acquiring this knowledge is via Amity’s Digital Marketing Certification Program. It is known that even people in their early 30s and 40s frequently show up to learn this course and they feel immensely satisfied and happy once they have completed their 6 months certification. You can get that too. Enroll yourself today. 

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