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A Career in Renewable Energy — Here’s What You Need to Know

Jun 27, 2018

Just a few month’s back our capital’s pollution was hitting the roof. People were getting sick and it was hard to survive on Delhi roads. It is not just Delhi, every other state in our country is nearly facing the same situation.Needless to say, this leads to global warming and abrupt climatic changes, which is being observed by all of us. 

Solar energy is a renewable resource which can solve many of our problems related to the environment. It can replace the use of fossil fuels and decrease the effects of pollution created in air, water, and land by these fossil fuels. As the greenhouse emission will decrease, so will the abrupt climatic changes.

However, to accomplish this, we need people who are well-equipped with the sector and know how to save the environment. In fact, if you look at it, then this is the need of the hour for our nation.

With a certification in renewable energy from Amity Online, your pay scale will increase and job opportunities will show up. Here are the reasons why you should do Certification in Renewable Energy from Wind and Photovoltaics from Germany (RENWBL) or Certification for Sustainable Energy Management (CPFSEM) from Amity University Online.

  1. High Growth Opportunities

Almost a decade back, Government passed a plan for producing 20 GW solar power till the year 2020. However, three years back, in 2015, the plan expanded and now, it is expected to produce 100 GW solar power till 2022.

As renewable energy is not really an option, it's a necessity for us, this project will open numerous doors of opportunities in front of you. You can work in various sectors and enhance the overall industry structure by implementation of sustainable energy.

  1. Environment Enhancement

As reported last year, India’s capacity for solar power generation saw a growth of 370% in three years. You can enhance these results and help with the betterment of the environment. We do so much to spoil and contaminate the environment by emission of greenhouse gases in any possible way. It would be great to work for environmental conservation.

  1. Distinctive Career Choice

Not many people choose sustainable and renewable energy as a career option, which is why your career choice will be distinctive. This directly means that you’ll be in demand, and with a certification in renewable energy from Amity in collaboration with RENAC will take you a long way.

  1. Handsome Pay Scale

Since your skills will not be easily available, your pay scale will be more than expected, and you can definitely expect a handsome salary. Further, Certification for Sustainable Energy Management (CPFSEM) from Amity Online will add extra charms to this pay scale.

  1. Easy Education Options

With the introduction of Amity Online, it is now hassle-free to pursue a career in renewable and sustainable energy. Even if you are doing a full time job, you can learn and gain full knowledge alongside your employment.

With Amity, Be Future Ready

Amity University makes you future ready. The courses available for renewable energy are prepared in a way to provide you better employment opportunities, enable you to grab higher pay scale offers, and achieve enhanced job designation. All this would be otherwise not possible without a renowned degree.

If you do a Certification in Renewable Energy from Wind and Photovoltaics (RENWBL), you’ll receive a certification authorized by RENAC German University. RENAC, The Renewable Academy, is a Berlin based provider for renewable energy training. Since 2008, RENAC has trained 7,500 people from 145 different countries.

Don’t miss the opportunity, register yourself today.

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