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How to Create a Positive Impression at Workplace

Oct 13, 2017

The first few days in a new workplace when you meet your new boss and coworkers, can be a litmus test of sorts; we all know about the importance of a first impression. As an employee or a jobseeker, your first impression is critically valuable as it often paves way for long-term perceptions and opinions about you.

The British Psychological Society has observed that people generally decide on your trustworthiness in just a tenth of a second. This works well for people who know how to make a positive first impression but can prove undesirable for people who make negative first impressions. This holds true especially for bosses who are known to make quick assessments about your typical behavior and the type of person you are. 

Making a worthy impression at your workplace is therefore, a skill you can greatly benefit from. And here, we have listed a few ways to do just that: – 

1. Dress professionally

Many organizations encourage a casual work environment and comfortable attire, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress like you are going to a beach. In a study, the Harvard Study of Communications states that 55% of a first impression is how you look and dress. Thus, in general, unkempt equals to disorganized, and therefore, bosses find it difficult to trust such individuals with different assignments.

2. Learn your coworkers’ names

Another research by Babson College states that you can easily increase your chance of a positive impression by 36%, by addressing your colleagues by their names. No one expects you to remember all the names by the end of first week or so, but then you should make it a priority to learn the names of all your team members and people you work closely with. In case you forget their name, simply apologize and ask them again.

3. Use proper work etiquettes

Everyone appreciates it when you follow the rules of your office and the general employee etiquettes. Little things like using your smartphone properly, writing proper emails for business correspondence, having good table manners etc. help you establish a good repute. Establishing a good attendance record and arriving early and not leaving before time are also a part of the ethics.

4. Have a positive attitude

There’s nothing better than carrying a positive attitude. You should let your enthusiasm to ‘be working with the organization’ show through to everyone you talk to. You need to appear approachable and sound polite; according to the Harvard Study of Communications, how you sound and the words you speak makes up about 38% of the impression you leave on someone. 

5. Take Initiative

In most situations where you join in as the newest member, you are given small amounts, which allow you to get acclimatized to work without getting dazed. In order to make a good impression, take the initiative and ask for more assignments as soon as you take root and are ready to handle a greater workload. Be proactive and don’t wait for someone to assign you tasks, rather raise your hand and ask for it.

Being the most recent member of the organization, you are bound to feel overwhelmed, and working can be both challenging and exciting. While you will be faced with both opportunities and difficulties, you should aim to recognize the good and make the most of it. 

Even if you don’t make a perfectly good first impression in your early days at work, don’t worry because you will certainly get more chances to change the impression you have made. Simply remember to relax and know your team members and work as hard as you can - these things should be enough to help you create a positive and lasting impression on your job.


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