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Can You Pursue Online MBA After Graduating in an Unrelated Field?

Author:- Arun Bisaria
Sep 13, 2018

“Can I pursue online MBA after graduating in another field?” Well, this sounds like a 800-pound gorilla question, doesn’t it? If you are looking for a straight answer to this question, then it is indeed a resounding “YES”. Yes, you can easily pursue online MBA after graduating in an unrelated field which could be a degree in Arts, Environmental Science, Commerce, Maths, Fashion Design, modern languages, or Pharmacy.

As per the statistics shared by a relevant source, about 50% graduates in 2017 were from background other than MBA. Graduate Management Admission Council conducts GMAT which is the most important entrance test for MBA entrance and hence the data is highly reliable.

To cut the long story short, it does not matter what has been your stream of education in Bachelor’s. But, what matters is that you are focussed and clear about your career goals ahead. And, do you know that most top corporates prefer to hire online MBA graduates with diverse academic background than otherwise? Surprised! Here, is an opportunity to figure out why.

Why Non-Business Graduates Are Preferred Over Business Graduates

Top MNCs gauge candidates on various parameters like commitment, dedication, ability to multi-task and having an upward moving career graph. There are many other traits as well for which online MBA graduates with diverse background are preferred, such as:

Diverse skills: Having a degree in a field other than business equips you with diverse skills. Certain industries like recruitment, healthcarefashion, showbiz, print media, etc. seek candidates who can multi-task.

Wider Perspective:  Online MBA is all about teaching the business skills and helping you excel personally and professionally in any industry of your choice. So, coming from a different academic background widens your horizon. You must consider yourself fortunate to possess different skills and knowledge that very few of your batchmates may have. This helps you in standing out during job interviews.

Career Advancement: Online MBA is targeted at the holistic development of a professional who could be from any chosen field. The program is expected to build your skills and knowledge from the scratch, but you are also expected to know the basics of statistics, finance and economics to get going with the management program smoothly. For this, you may take an additional course or some kind of bridge classes to cover the gap. Most aspirants take up online MBA to advance their career in their respective fields or industries.

Managerial skills: Every job requires a manager with the requisite skills and knowledge of the given field. For example, to supervise a team of biotechnology graduates, a manager who is aware of the concepts or the background knowledge of the stream will be needed. Likewise, a team of oceanographers will need a team lead who is well-aware of the ground realities of marine ecology. So, an online MBA serves more as an icing on the cake. It helps you to develop the leadership skills in your field of work. 

Online MBA gives you an opportunity to scale up your career to new heights. What matters the most in online MBA is that you must pursue it from a well-recognized B-school located in strategic locations such as Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune where there are ample opportunities to work.

Consequently, it is the sole discretion of B-schools to choose their criteria of selection for an online MBA programme. Though, most B-schools look forward to having a diverse mix of students for a healthy learning atmosphere during the academic programme, each B-school has their set norms to select the students.

Some B-schools prefer students from technical background like Science or Engineering, yet, other colleges look for students from creative background such as fashion technology or arts. So, it all depends on the criteria set by the B-schools and also on the specialization chosen by you. Online MBA programs are not just career starters; they are also considered to be career enhancers for this very reason.

We, hope this write-up was helpful for you to make the right career choice. Wish you all the best in all your future endeavours!


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