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Making a Career in the Field of E-Commerce

Author:- Nishant K.Rai
Nov 16, 2018

E-commerce is the activity of buying and selling commercial products over the internet. It works on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, online marketing, and supply chain management, besides others. The past few decades have witnessed a humongous rise in the sale capacity of online marketplaces and using portals like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart and Snapdeal has become a daily part of our lives. This rise needs to be kept under constant check for discrepancies and smooth sale of products. As a result, a number of career options have come up in this field.

Let us discuss a few of the most sought-after careers in the domain of e-commerce:

E-Commerce Marketing Co-ordinator

E-commerce companies constantly require marketing personnel with organizational and leadership skills. The pre-requisites for this role are a clear vision and the drive to implement and execute marketing efforts across the company. For this, the services of an e-commerce Marketing Co-ordinator come into play.

Content Developer

Customers today are extremely aware and prefer to study the product in depth before clicking on the “Buy” tab. E-commerce websites constantly need content developers with the ability to give words to a product’s functionality with crisp and concise content.

Web Designer

A website reflects the online presence of the company; it gives shape to the company’s vision and soul. That is why a skilled web designer is a mandatory resource that every e-commerce site is dependent on. The role requires you to have a creative thought process and the ability to execute it on code. It is a vital job role as solid graphics and an appealing web design are fundamental to successful online marketing.

E-Commerce Project Manager

This job role has diverse responsibilities and requires impactful leadership and organizational skills. An e-commerce project manager assembles all the information of the given project and picks a team which is most suitable for it. It is the responsibility of the manager to oversee all the important aspects of a project, be it the optimum use of resources, creating a time frame, monitoring projects or ensuring quality deliverables are made available before time. The success of the project depends on how efficiently it is completed with precision.

These roles are pivotal in driving any e-commerce business to excellence and for earning maximum profits. Therefore, companies are constantly on the lookout for specialized professionals. However, the pertinent question is: How do you prepare yourself for these roles?

The one thing that you need to do before taking any decision is to figure out whether you truly have the skills to sustain and grow in an e-commerce industry. You can pursue a few study programs that help you polish those skills and build your expertise. A number of prestigious universities offer dynamic study material provided and regularly updated by experienced faculty members, offering Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Business Administration and Commerce which help one acquire the skills and theoretical knowledge to run an e-commerce company.

Besides these basics, you must also work consistently on your own to build a network, since most your work will be online. For this, you need to:

  • Expand your network by attending e-commerce meet-ups in your area and join organizations on voluntary basis. Internships during your study programs are a great way to do so.
  • Have an e-commerce presence by making new contacts and lending your know-how on various platforms in the form of informative blogs and reviews.

Following these steps can make a huge difference in your career graph and can land you your most desired role in the field of e-commerce. As the world has shifted to digital and a paperless environment on compact tablets and smartphones, the domain is the future, and over time, it will lead to newer roles and job opportunities.

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