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Become a Part of Your University’s Alumni Club to Help Your Career Further

Author:- Arun Bisaria
Dec 07, 2018

It is common belief that the day you graduate — when you pose happily in that robe to collect that coveted academic degree — is your last one in college. Or for that matter, the last day of your association with your University. However, nothing could be farther from truth, especially when Alumni relations are one of the key contributing factors to your corporate growth and success.

Nowadays, most colleges and Universities across the nation and abroad have formed clubs that enable former students to maintain a lasting connection with them. These offer several opportunities for graduates to stay in touch with their peers while also expanding their professional networks. Successful graduates are a university's greatest asset, so it is important for the University to have a strong alumni support.

Here are some reasons why you must join an alumni club/association after you graduate.

Making New Connections

The first and foremost reason to join an alumni association is getting the opportunity to network, which will certainly enable you to go a long way in your professional journey. Universities such as Amity University Online have most of their former students as part of their alumni, with years of productive experience in varied industries behind them. By becoming part of this club, you can engage with them on social media and regular alumni meets to enlighten yourself on their domain. Besides, these networking opportunities can help you land clients, internships, as well as jobs that can benefit your long-term career.

Giving Back

You must be very grateful to your school for imparting not only academic education but also for the values instilled in you. The best way to give something back to your University is to join its alumni association. Financial support by the alumni helps educational groups in infrastructure development and other activities. On your part, you will also feel a sense of psychological satisfaction. Apart from donations, you can also be a mentor or offer other services for a noble cause, such as being part of an initiative that teaches underprivileged children.

Staying Informed

Alumni newsletters are a great source of information. You can learn about latest research developments, campus happenings as well as revolutionary industry trends. You can also be regularly informed of any new programs or short-term certifications that have been introduced in your former college, especially when they involve your field of interest or which can be beneficial in your current job. Besides, you also get to attend webinars and mentorship programs with top faculty & industry professionals, led by proven leaders (Directors, CEOs, and VPs, among others)

Career Services

Alumni associations offer a variety of career services. These range from job fairs to current hiring trends, job postings, resume making workshops and tips for preparing for an interview. These services are mostly offered free of charge to alumni members. They also conduct seminars, workshops and discussions between experts from all walks of life which can give you a few handy tips to help you plan and prepare for your career path ahead.

A Chance to Socialize with Fun Activities

Many associations host special social events and activities where you and your family can visit the campus or any other place to socialize with your former classmates. Some of these associations even offer financial benefits such as credit cards or discount cards on different types of insurance. Benefits might also include gym membership, gift vouchers and discounted alumni merchandise. The Amity Online Alumni Club, for instance, is known to host regular events that include sports meets, photography workshops, arts and cultural activities that involve movie watching, club outings, gaming, cookery, dance and music.

Showing Pride

You always want to stay in touch with your alma mater from where you received your valuable education. After all, it is responsible for the skills you acquire and is an inseparable part of your professional journey. It makes you who you are in society. Perhaps the best way to portray your pride and love for your school is by becoming a part of it and gladly take initiative in its regular outings.

Helping Current Students and Other Alumni

You can guide students who are currently enrolled in your University by sharing valuable inputs regarding higher education or job search. This way, the future generations of alumni will experience a positive feeling and connect with their alma mater in an even better way.

Alumni associations offer a gateway to their members in carrying forward the experience gained during their professional life and educative knowledge obtained during the tenure of their study into their post-graduation lives. We suggest looking up your University’s website for information related to the Alumni club and how to join it. You may contact them on social media or any phone number provided to avail the maximum benefits in helping you consistently grow in a multicultural and dynamic working environment for the rest of your life.

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