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Effective Navigation through a Strenuous Routine

Oct 13, 2017

Excessive work on plate, looming deadlines, mails piling up constantly and people expecting you to deliver your very best!! 

As a big project makes it to the table, your work schedule turns to a 12-hour shift, and your work-life balance goes straight out the window. Caught up in a constant struggle of replying to all the emails and attending to the duty at hand, you even forget to grab proper meals or a good night’s sleep.
The scenario above, with select murmurs of disagreement, is a commonplace scene straight out of any modern day workplace. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that being in any kind of profession today without some stress involved in the work is almost utopian in nature. With that said, the secret to a successful career lies in overcoming these issues and managing such a strenuous routine efficiently.
So, how do you actually navigate your way out of all the stress and sail towards the sunny side? The answer to this can be found not just in the work you do when in office and the manner of it, but what precedes and succeeds your work hours.
Here’s some help at hand: – 

Before heading to work

1.Wake up on time – Research proves that being an early bird will not only get you the worm but also a stress-free time while you are at it. On waking up early, you get to make arrangements for your entire day without rushing matters.
2.Exercise/meditate – Taking up some light exercising or meditation helps you kick start a productive day in the right way. Working out directly affects your mental well-being thus resulting in an active work day.

3.Finish your chores – Waking up early gives you ample time to finish your chores at home and get ready for office neatly and without hurry.  You also don’t leave things for the evening when you are too exhausted to even move a finger.

4.Set out in time – Being punctual not only helps you leave a good impression but carry on with your proceedings for the day quite well. And to achieve that, it is required that you leave for office in time. 

During work 

1.Plan your work

One of the most important requirements for success is time management, and planning one’s work has an important role to play in it. Planning leads to prioritizing and timely delivery of work. And once you have received you desired work result, there remains no scope for stress at all.
2.Keep some time at hand for urgencies

If you are in an organization with long work hours, it is likely that you come across additional workloads in the form of urgent tasks, which again increase pressure and contribute to stress. The best way to work your way out of it is by keeping some time at hand for ad hoc tasks. 

3.Take small breaks

Studies reveal that taking small breaks at work is more important than you might have imagined. These cause necessary interruptions which further helps declutter your mind and get back your focus. 

4.Invest time in something lighthearted

Indulging in something interesting and humorous refreshes you and busts the stress that has been clouding your mind. You can either take part in a small chit-chat with your colleagues or watch a funny video online. 

5.Don’t commit to more than you can chew

Increased workloads with unrealistic deadlines will shoot your pressure levels up and naturally lead to stress. Despite being a sincere employee, there is a limit to your productivity. To escape stress, disappointments and lamentations, you have to be absolutely clear about what your threshold is. 


1.Practice a hobby or do something creative

Doing something creative not only takes your mind off work and work-related issues, but also instils calmness in you. Try spending a small part of your day in doing something creative or practicing a hobby. It can be cooking a meal, painting, reading a book, or something as simple as listening to music. 

2.Take a healthy meal 

There’s no doubt that all our mothers had been very accurate when stating that good and nutritious food in adequate amount is the secret to happiness. Food items like whole grains, blueberries, dry fruits and dark chocolate can work wonders when it comes to de-stressing. 


Spending time with people outside your workplace might feel like a luxury you can’t afford, but this is exactly what you need. Talking to your friends or spending time with your family brings moral and emotional support, and take your mind off the stress.

4.Have a bedtime routine  

How much you sleep determines your energy levels the very next day. While an adequate amount of sleep keeps you active and attentive all day long, improper rest does the exact opposite. Hence, you must set up a bedtime routine and follow it as diligently as you can. 

Last but not least, remind yourself about your past achievements and how you overcame the obstacles to achieve them. If you could do it then, you can do it again!

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