Regulations and policies
Refund Policy

Fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances. No request for fee refund will be entertained.

Extension of Program

  1. The minimum stipulated period for completion of a program is specified against each program described as N period.
  2. For any reason if a student is not able to complete the program in minimum stipulated period, the student can exercise the option of extending the program by another N period paying the continuation fee of Rs.4000 in INR or 80$ in USD for each year of extension.
  3. In cases where a student despite availing extension is not able to complete the program, student can still avail further extension to a period of N+N+1 year on specific recommendation of HOI and at the discretion of competent authority after paying a sum of Rs.4000 in INR or 80$ in USD as re-registration fee.
Download Performa for Extension of Program [Click here]